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Hokenson Demographics

Welcome to my website!
I am the pioneer in the application of demographics to economic and financial market forecasting and acknowledged as an important producer of ideas for client strategy for nonfinancial as well as financial entities since 1978. If you have an interest in a company membership to receive my reports or to engage me as a speaker, please contact me.

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Richard (Dick) Hokenson

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CFA Magazine

“Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. The issue is whether the dominant factor is money supply or money demand, which means you can print money and velocity still collapses. Velocity has been declining for 13 years. The Federal Reserve can print, the European Central Bank can print, the Bank of Japan can print, but it doesn’t end up causing price inflation.”

– Richard Hokenson, November/December issue 2013


Creating a consulting report can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. This is why many organizations choose to seek out someone to help take care of it. With years of experience under his belt, Richard is in a great position to aid you with your reports and ensure they make sense to you.

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If your company is experiencing problems like a loss of money or a lack of customers, then Richard can help you make sense of this. He’s a business advisor that takes a very technical and analytical approach to things, drawing up detailed reports for every client. These reports present his findings and show you the cause of any problems and what you can do about them.

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Richard Hokenson is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker.  People often think of demographics (which is defined as the science of population) as the equivalent of watching glaciers melt, i.e. changes occur at such a slow pace as to border on being irrelevant to business or investment decisions.  The key to his success as a keynote speaker is to make his conclusions relevant to today as well as the future.

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One of the things that makes Richard’s consultant management service so popular is the way in which he approaches things. He doesn’t try and take the reigns of your business and force you to think in specific ways. Instead, he plays to his role as a consultant. You’re still in charge, but he’s there to provide additional advice and support when you need it. He won’t undermine your decisions, he’ll simply analyse them and tell you how they can be improved.

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