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Business insights

Identifying and developing new business or investment opportunities is essential to the success of companies and organizations. If you need first-class business insights for your company today, Richard Hokenson is a perfect choice, delivering a potent mix of customers, technology and general business insights that are essential for creating winning, actionable strategies.


With decades in the consultancy business, Richard Hokenson possesses the knowledge and expertise you need to focus all areas of your business, from customer demand through to best use of technology. Richard has worked across all kinds of sectors, including energy and financial and nonfinancial services, and has built up sought-after consultancy capabilities that will help support you innovate and plan your strategies for success.

Whether it’s scenario planning, opportunity discovery, strategic road mapping or consumer assessment, Richard has the ability to create coherent, easy-to-read and understandable reports. Your Business insights will reveal a range of information – cross-disciplined insights that are also connected. With your reports, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to produce actionable innovative initiatives.

Richard Hokenson is a trustee of the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) based in Washington, D.C. a member of the Executive Committee of PRB and is also chair of the Investment Committee. Alongside his work with PRB, he is also a member of the Population Association of America, Society of Labor Economists, the American Economic Association and the International Union of Social Science Professionals.

Richard is the proud owner of an M.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and went on to achieve his Ph.D. research at New York University. As an active and well-respected conference speaker, Richard has presented his business insights and ideas in every corner of the globe. Beneficiaries of his knowledge include companies as diverse as the Economic Club of Florida to the likes of MasterCard and Ticketmaster.

Business insights can help your company in a multitude of ways. You can solve business problems based on complex analytical projects that investigate your company’s key drivers. You can monitor the operational changes in your business to ensure they are having a positive impact. And you can even ensure compliance is at acceptable limits within your organization – a critical aspect of running a modern day business.

If you need someone to implement analytic methodologies, models, reports, and processes, why not get in touch today? Richard Hokenson has a huge array of happy customers that have enjoyed success after receiving his exceptional business insights, and as a problem solver, business driver, and research specialist he can uncover the areas to focus on to enjoy a greater amount of success.

Richard is happy presenting to organizations of all sizes and is just as comfortable in the financial sector as he is in the nonfinancial. If you need effective business insights and exceptional communication, reports, and analysis, don’t hesitate to call today to find out more about the business insights that can reveal more than you think about your company. Many other organizations have benefitted from Richard’s work – will yours?

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