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Demographic research

Without innovation, your business cannot improve processes, performance and grow. And one of the key factors in innovation is understanding your market properly. As an experienced demographic researcher and presenter, Richard Hokenson has all the skills and imagination you need to ensure your demographics reports are accurate, revealing and insightful, giving your business the best possible platform for moving forward and growing out into the world.


Richard Hokenson specializes in analysis and forecasting in global demographics and trends. There are many associated industry, investment and economic implications that can be revealed with Richard’s high-quality demographic research, and its application can have tremendous results for businesses of any size. If you need to have a deeper understanding of who you are talking to, how to talk to them, and why they might not be listening, Richard’s service is the perfect choice for your needs.

Richard can provide your business with a vast array of research and planning services which can range from simple, short-term forecasts to long-term plans. Whether it’s about your customer’s needs, your target community’s demographic analysis, or anything else you need to know about your target market and its fears and desires, Richard can help you find out.

Ultimately, exceptional demographic research can help you plan better for a more successful future. The reality is that smart decisions almost never begin with a simple guess – you need to work out your market to the nth degree if you want to appeal to them and address their objections or fears.

As a holder of an M.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan, Richard did his Ph.D. research at New York University. He is currently a trustee of the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) based in Washington, D.C. a member of the Executive Committee of PRB and is also chair of the Investment Committee. Alongside his work with PRB, Richard is a member of the Society of Labor Economists, the Population Association of America, the American Economic Association and the International Union of Social Science Professionals. If your business needs help working out your demographics, Richard’s experience and skills in research will help you achieve everything you had hoped possible.

With a host of happy and highly successful customers since 1978, Richard Hokenson is an independent consultant and worldwide speaker at a huge range of international events. Richard is equally happy presenting to investors and hedge funds as he is to nonfinancial and financial companies needing the assistance of his exceptional demographic research skills.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Richard today if you are struggling to get to grips with your demographics. Richard Hokenson will provide specialized and targeted research on your ideal audience and offer you a clear, coherent and final analysis if his key findings. As an expert and pioneer in the application of demographics to economic and financial market forecasting, you will be leaning on exceptional experience and fantastic results. It could be just the boost your business is looking for.

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