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Social science research

Richard Hokenson has been providing exceptional business research services to financial and nonfinancial organizations since 1978. Bringing a broad skill set to the table, Richard’s knowledge of Social Science – and how it can glean interesting and vital information for your business – is sought after throughout the country.


Social Science reports can give any business vital clues about the dynamics of a particular social group or location, and measure these dynamics can be hugely beneficial for businesses. Social science integrates all kinds of areas, from nature and the environment through to an individual’s personality and will, and communities and relationships.

In order for your business to make progress and grow beyond its present state, you need to understand how people are influenced by a variety of fields. How can they benefit from what you have to offer, and what objections might they have for using your product or service? Whether it’s ethnography, basic demographics or a close look at different parts of a localized community, research in social science can lead to better outcomes for your business.

Richard’s work in social science reporting helps executive governance and senior leaders to be a lot more flexible when thinking about the workplace, too. For decades, many organizations have been leaning on Richard Hokenson’s experience in this vital field and his consultancies have helped open up conversations in all kinds of areas, from growth opportunity to employee mental health.

We live in a much more diverse world now than we did several decades ago – and if your business isn’t moving with the times you will get left behind. Ultimately, using social science reports to improve gender equality and diversity means that leadership can be more inclusive, reach out to a broader range of potential customers, and make the most of everyone’s skills. Richard’s social science reports will help you think critically about your business, find new ways of being a leader, and provide better products and services for your market.

Richard Hokenson is a holder of an M.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan, and he completed his Ph.D. research at New York University. Richard is a trustee of the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) based in Washington, D.C. a member of the Executive Committee of PRB and is also chair of the Investment Committee. Alongside his work with PRB, he is also a member of the Population Association of America, Society of Labor Economists, the American Economic Association and the International Union of Social Science Professionals. If your business needs help finding out how social science reports can bring huge benefits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Richard today.
With a multitude of happy and highly successful customers since 1978, Richard is an independent consultant and worldwide speaker at a huge range of global events. Richard presents coherent social science reports to benefit everyone from business owners to investors and hedge funds alike. It could be the perfect time for your business to achieve everything you wanted for it – and more – so why not get in touch today?

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