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Strategy Consulting

Everyone wants to earn superior profits and beat the competition. And the strategy is a vital cog in the wheel if you want to enjoy success. With years of experience as a strategy consultant in the financial and nonfinancial sectors, Richard Hokenson has the skills, insight, and caliber to ensure your organization ends up on top.


Strategy consulting is, essentially, the practice of helping businesses and organizations make better high-level decisions and take up a more positive direction. The solutions will cover all kinds of areas in your business or organization, from operations all the way down to marketing. In essence, you need to understand which questions to ask if you want to succeed as a business, and with Richard Hokenson, you will be in the best possible hands. Working with Richard, you can expect the additional input you need to ensure your decision-making process at the highest levels are watertight – and have potential.

How will you differentiate yourself from the competition? How will you prioritize resources in your organization? How can you maximize returns on profits and stockholders, and ensure your business survives and thrives? And what impact does the wider economy have on your plans to, say, expand into a new territory? These are all possible – and highly important – questions you might need to answer, and by making use of the experience of Richard Hokenson, you will be on the right track.

Richard has a huge roster of happy past clients and has been working in the business insights and consumer research fields since 1978. Working in economics, social sciences, and demographics, he can bring a lot of research and knowledge to the table, helping you work out how to apply vital information and data, and improve your outfit’s performance by a significant amount.

With an education in economics – reaching Ph.D. level, research at New York University – Richard is a well-respected keynote speaker and presenter, attending conferences all over the country. After his early career working with organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Data Resources, Inc, and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Richard’s experience has brought him into contact as a sought-after consultant for all kinds of businesses and organizations, from hedge funds through to the banking sector.

If you need help aligning your strategy to your organization, Richard is one of the ‘go-to’ people in his field., Whether you work for the financial or nonfinancial sector, you will be hiring someone with vast experience and has been doing the business since 1978. If you need to understand how the current economic climate could be affecting your business, you need to have a strategy – so why not get in touch with Richard today?

Richard’s inputs have proved invaluable to all kinds of investment operations and businesses, and his insights are critical for strategic planning. Why not grasp the opportunity of working with a renowned figure in his field and see what it can do for your operation? Feel free to contact Richard by phone or email – head to the contact page for more details.

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