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Inflation has Moderated

As we predicted, results for the April Core CPI clearly confirm that March was the peak (see Chart 1).  This also confirms our analysis which focused on micro (supply issues) versus macro (excess demand, see Charts 2 and 3).  Any…

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Update on Family Employment

Employment Characteristics of Families for the year 2021 is disappointing.  Whereas the results for 2020 accurately depicted the negative impact of the onset of Covid-19, the results for 2021 reveal only a very modest improvement.  In 2021, 78.5 percent of…

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The CPI Tracks the 1940s

Our report of 6 January compared current CPI developments with what occurred following World War II, a theme that was also discussed a few days later in The Wall Street Journal by Greg Ip (  Plotting recent months versus the…

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